Building experiments in R

I've often been asked why psychophysics experiments couldn't be built in R. I think it's time to try 1. With a couple of folks, I've been working on a prototype for building fast and powerful lab studies directly in R, and we're getting ready to show it to the world, most likely later this year.

We're currently finalizing the project, and slowly making it publicly available. Therefore, we're looking for interested colleagues willing to test it and provide feedback. If you would like to build studies in R, please sign up below; we would love to hear from you and if you'd like to join forces, we could use your help regardless of your technical background.

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We're aware that this has been tried before, for example in the jaysire package by Danielle Navarro, ShinyPsych by Nathaniel Phillips, Markus Steiner and Kevin Trutmann, or psychTestR by Peter M. C. Harrison. All of these create online experiments.